What's New about Waitangi21

14 Feb 12: The routes on the web can be much more realistic if you put in the main wiggles. To see what I mean, look at Team "Dated Loaf and Pikelet" for Stages 4 and 5. Just let us know (via "Contact" above) and we'll clear out the simplified route and help you if necessary. GPS files can also go in if you had one tracking your route.

9 Feb 12: We've put your routes into a web tool called RouteGadget. As well as displaying the lines it does a nifty animation. Read about it here, or link to it from the results pages. We're also gathering links to pictures and stories.

7 Feb 12: Peter Watson has unearthed the original 1991 map. Note the area from Belmont Rd to Cannons Creek to Lower Hutt's western suburbs, and Peter even recalls a control on Petone Wharf (cut off this scan). Compare it to the 2012 birthday map.

7 Feb 12: The results page has been updated with scores for each rogaine, and a table for the overall results as they developed over the weekend.

6 Feb 12: Mansfield and Gordon again showed their championship class by winning at Belmont, but Roberts and Swanson were close behind. After Drew and Westfield finished late, the Auckland pair took the series by a narrow margin from the Wellington women. Four participants in the original rogaine were presented with a bottle of wine: Rob van der Poel who finished third in 1991; Ross and Frances Bidmead who were fourth; and Peter Watson who was 13th.

 5 Feb 12: Mountainbikers Simon Kennett and John Randal led todays rogaine ahead of runners Andy Foster and Mark Hearfield. However neither team is in contention for the series lead which is retained by Liam Drew and Barryn Westfield in spite of a disappointing 7th day place. Erin Roberts and Pete Swanson have overhauled Debbie Mansfield and Julie Gordon for second.

5 Feb 12: NZ Womens Rogaine champions Debbie Mansfield and Julie Gordon won the Eastbourne Rogaine overnight, their 930 points clear of Drew and Westfield (860) and four other teams in the 800's. In spite of missing the first stage they have moved in to second place behind Drew and Westfield with Roberts/Swanson pushed back to third.

4 Feb 12: Leading the multi-stage rogaine after 1 and 3-hr events on the hills of Wellington are Erin Roberts and Pete Swanson, who have top-equal-scored on both; sharing the honours with Liam Drew/Barryn Westfield on Mt Vic, and with Yvette Baker on Mt Kaukau. Teams are now in the Eastbourne bush on the 7hr Stage 3.

3 Feb 12: As a result of printer issues, we now have plenty of spare maps (see below). With a great weather forecast, come on out and enter on the day! Arrive early if you haven't pre-entered.

2 Feb 12: The plan to try out synthetic paper has struck a snag, our printer made a mistake and the lines are too thick. We'll issue better maps on regular paper and minigrip bags, and you can inspect the synthetic ones and choose whether to take them as well. And an unrelated thing, separate question sheets will be available Sun/Mon for anyone who wants to carry their map in a (MTB) mapholder.

31 Jan 12: We've updated "Nitty Gritty" and especially "Schedule and Areas" which links from there. A simple print from your browser of those two web pages seems as good as any other way of bringing the details with you for reference. Do it late in the week. The team list (under "Enter") is being regularly updated too. Late entries are now being taken; including on the day subject to maps.

26 Jan 2: Partner wanted for MTB rogaines. Very fit male. Contact us and we'll put you in touch. See also Vet woman seeking recreational partner.

25 Jan 12: Gear list made compulsory for Battle Hill mountainbikers; green lines may be used to show some possible off-track routes for bikers; organised evening meals removed. Details are in "Nitty Gritty". List of entries is under "Enter".

22 Jan 12: Partner wanted, probably for all 5 rogaines. Veteran woman, top age-group orienteer, but she "doesn't want to run, just enjoy the walks and events in a recreational way." Contact us and we'll put you in touch.

20 Jan 12: We've added a couple of bullet points to the "Rules of the Game" in the Nitty Gritty Section; and beefed up the "Safety" provisions. All standard rogaining things, including a recommended gear list. The "recommended gear" is going to be compulsory for the East Harbour rogaine.

20 Dec 2011: We've added a detailed schedule of the five rogaines with the associated map issue times. And also a description of each area. When this news disappears, you can find it under Nitty Gritty. We've also invented a formula for figuring out the top team over the weekend.

12 Dec 2011: You can now enter Waitangi21 ONLINE.