The Nitty Gritty

Right, you've decided to enter, here are some details you will need to know.

We'll add to it as the event gets closer; to help you see what's new we'll date each section and note if it changes. 1 Feb: We think this is pretty much final now, any further changes we'll put in a "last-minute" page under "what's new".


Schedule and Areas

This is the really detailed stuff about times of day and how to get to each rogaine and what the terrain is like etc. You'll want to print it off to have during the event, so we've made it a separate Weekend Schedule section. 1 Feb: Pretty much final now, any further changes we'll put in a "last-minute" page under "what's new".


Camping and Food

This section Nov 2011. Organised evening meals removed 25 Jan.

Camping onsite is a traditional part of 24hr rogaines. You can camp at at Muritai School, Eastbourne on the Saturday and Sunday nights - and this is the base for rogaine #3. We encourage locals to camp there too so you can finish the night rogaine, have some hot soup, and tumble into your tent. Facilities are a nice level grass field, assembly hall, toilets and a small kitchen where you can boil water but not cook. It will be unattended during Sunday so tents are left at your own risk; expensive sleeping bags may be left in the hall which we will lock. Showers $1 a person at the swimming pool during opening hours 1000-1900.

Food is also a traditional part of rogaining. We will provide a small snack or BBQ at the end of each of the rogaines and that's covered by your entry fee. The pre-rogaine meal at Eastbourne, and the organised cafe meal on Sunday evening were not popular and have been abandoned; but we may of course make informal arrangements on the weekend. For supplementary food there's a small grocery and several cafes close to Muritai School, and much more in Lower Hutt 10min drive away.

Family members who are not competing are welcome to share your campsite. Eastbourne would be a great place to finish the school holidays at, with beach, swimming pool, flat bikeride to Pencarrow Heads, ferry ride to downtown Wellington, etc. We will require a simple registration process for each accompanying person which associates them with a team.



This section Nov 2011

If you're from out of town let us know and we will transport you between rogaines. This may be with locals who are doing all rogaines or we may hire vans and share the costs among users. At any rate it should be possible to fly in and out of Wellington. Just note (a) you may need accommodation Friday night if you can't get in early enough on Saturday and (b) its the Wellington Rugby Sevens so flights and accommodation might be tight.

Locals, we will ask you if you can carry out of towners between rogaines as above. There's parking at all the venues except for Downtown Wellington. Find your own. Remember it's Sevens weekend, and that WCC has a 2hour limit even for free weekend parking.


Rules of the Game

This section dated Nov 2011, with an update 20 Dec about the scoring system for those doing the whole weekend. A couple of bullet points added 20 Jan about GPS's, dogs, gates, and special rules for bikers. 25 Jan, there may be green-line off-track routes on the Battle Hill and Belmont maps. 30 Jan link added to NZ Rogaining Rules in case anyone wants to know how many we have "bent"!

If you haven't done a rogaine before, its a navigation contest for teams. You score points by visiting points marked on a map, choosing your own route so as to finish before the time limit. Big-time rogaines are run in rural terrain and last up to 24 hours. Getting started rogaines are run close to home from one hour long. Either way you choose the points to visit and the route to suit your inclinations - competition or recreation. Rogaines usually have both sorts of people.

Waitangi21 is a mixture of small and medium-sized rogaines which add up to quite a toughie for those who do the lot. Here are the rules as they apply to Waitangi21. Read the full NZ Rogaining Rules here.

  • You must take part in a team of 2-5 people.
  • Basically the objective is to maximise your score. The control points are marked on the map with a circle and a number. Control points are worth the "tens" digit of the number multiplied by 10. That is, number 25 is worth 20 points, control 101 is worth 100. We may make up artificial numbers, eg 1A, 1B etc would be part of the 10's, 2A, 2B etc part of the 20's.  The start/finish is shown with a triangle.
  • There's a penalty for returning late: 10 points per minute or part thereof. Highest score wins, in the event of a tie the earliest to finish wins.
  • And we'll maintain a chart with accumulated points for those teams doing all 21 hours of rogaine - sort of. We need to compare apples with apples but we can't possibly set the events so that the scoring rates are the same. So we will give the top team in each rogaine X super-points where X is the rogaine length; and other teams will get a proportion of X. So the winner of the 7-hour rogaine will get 7.000 super-points, and if they won every rogaine they would get... 21.000 super-points. The three decimal places will distinguish super-points from ordinary rogaine scores.  No age and sex categories, it's too complicated and anyway the mixed, the women and the oldies often win outright!! 
  • You prove your visit to each control point by answering a simple question about the landmark and writing it on your control sheet which must be named and handed in at the finish.  Swapping information such as the answers to questions , or guessing, is cheating. Obviously we can't police it, we rely on you to play fair. Take a pencil and a spare.
  • Sometimes there isn't a suitable landmark, we will use bright orange ribbons and the question will be "what is the code letter on the ribbon". Sample at the start. If the question is not crystal clear when you are at the landmark, write down something unique about the place and carry on. Talk to us at the end, we want to credit you with all controls you have visited. This is not a championship!
  • Except in the case of emergency, team members must stay together, especially when visiting control points. You are not allowed to send the fittest team member up the hill to get the answer! If a team member has to drop out for any reason during the event you must tell us back at base; and from that time you are a new team starting with a score of zero.
  • You must travel on foot. Except for mountainbikers who will also be using the courses at Battle Hill and Belmont. Riders MAY leave their bikes if they wish provided they start and finish with a bike.
  • You must use the map we provide to navigate by. Navigation by GPS is not allowed. No objection to you carrying a tracker for later analysis (that's how we improve the maps) but it's not part of the game.
  • No dogs. Leave gates as you found them, both on the course and the access roads. If you open a gate do not leave responsibility for closing it to anyone else. You open, you close.
  • Special rules for mountainbikers. See the draft NZ MTBO Rules at They don't all apply to this event but the safety ones 2.10 to 2.17 apply. The map is similar to those used for MTBO near Wellington as far as tracks are concerned. You can take your bike off-track if you wish but the map won't give you much information about how ridable this is - generally not. There may be a few green lines as per MTBO maps, these are some routes where we HAVE taken a bike but there is no visible track.


Maps and Cards

This section added 30 Jan.

The maps will have the questions on the back. You write the answers on a separate answer sheet which will be light card. This way your map and questions can stay warm and dry inside a plastic bag (if you're careful). Name and number your card and take a plastic bag for that too (supplied).  Don't forget a pen or pencil and a spare.

We're trying out a synthetic paper called Pretex for some of the rogaines. It shouldn't need a plastic bag. We want someone in the team to give it a real thrashing to see whether the image stays on. The other one(s) can be in a plastic bag just in case. Pretex is being used more and more for orienteering maps, and we have used it successfully for a 3-hour afterwork event. The holy grail is something that will last without a mapbag for 24 hours.

When you return you MUST report to the finish desk and give us your team name and number. We'll record you as "finished"; this is vital for safety. We'll also write the time on your scorecard and hand it back to you for adding up. Hand your completed card in WITHIN 10 MINUTES at the result display. No card no result. 



This section Nov 2011, re-written 20 Jan, including gear list (compulsory for East Harbour). 25 Jan gear list made compulsory for Battle Hill mountainbikers (as per the Ak Attack!) 30 Jan flight plan requirement added.

Even though these events are close to the capital city, sensible precautions are required.

  • We expect all participants to read the "Nitty Gritty" section of the website within the last week before the event; to read any last-minute warning signs at the event; and to attend the briefing.
  • Advise us of all changes to your team composition before you start; your team sticks together unless help is required in an emergency; and you report in at the finish. If you're not back, we'll generally start preparations for a search within 30min of the finish time.
  • Take a mobile phone with you - the one you specified in your entry. A contact number for the controller will be on the map. If you can, keep us informed of any safety issues or if you are going to be more than a little late. In a dire emergency of course phone 111 direct. Help other teams in trouble.
  • For rogaines 3, 4 and 5, give us a "flight plan" before you leave. This is a B/W copy of the map on which you sketch your intended route. Don't forget to name it, and don't forget some direction arrows! Obviously your're going to modify your route but it may help in an emergency.
  • The greatest risk in some of the rogaines is TRAFFIC as you will be crossing roads. Stop and look both ways. This is especially important if you feel you may be late finishing.
  • The next risk is that of WEATHER. We cannot guarantee the hot sunny weather that we obviously hope for. You must be prepared with the normal bad-weather gear. There's a recommended list below. For the East Harbour rogaine this list is COMPULSORY, for mountainbikers at Battle Hill it is COMPULSORY, and if the weather is bad we may declare it compulsory for any of the other rogaines too, so come prepared.
  • If it is very HOT then take extra water with you. We won't be putting water out there. We cannot give any assurance about the water in the streams.

Gear List

 Here's the recommended minimum gear list (compulsory for East Harbour, and Battle Hill bikers). It is per person unless otherwise stated.

  • Thermal top
  • Parka
  • Long pants (thermal or over-trou)
  • Hat and gloves
  • Whistle, compass
  • Survival bag
  • Torch
  • Food and water appropriate for the distance.
  • Simple first aid kit per team
  • Remember a cellphone per team is compulsory in all events, it may not work but it is so useful if it does.
  • Obviously you'll need a pack to carry this in.